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The First Step to Managing Walkway Risk

Floors and walkways get more use than any other part of a building. But, most of us don’t give much thought to them–that is, until a slip or fall happens.

Accidents associated with flooring surface problems account for up to 50% of insurance claims and represent the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims. According to the National Safety Council, the total compensation and medical costs associated with slip-and-fall accidents in the United States is about $70 billion annually. The legal and financial ramifications of these claims are tremendous for everyone involved.  

There are numerous factors that contribute to an slip-related accident. While astute property managers can remedy some of the obvious ones, the more subtle risks can still lead to headache-inducing litigation. 

Xpera Group’s Walkway Auditing team provides property owners and facility managers with a more proactive approach to managing these risks.

Our Certified Walkway Auditors perform a comprehensive analysis of your building site, including all OHSA approved surface materials and conditions, utilizing a rigorous process rooted in building science and specialized state-of-the-art equipment. We identify any potential slip, trip and fall hazards, so issues can be remedied before problems arise. We also can repeat these audits on a regular basis to monitor changes in flooring conditions over time, ensuring that the site is safe, records up-to-date and risks kept in check.

With Xpera Walkway Auditing, you have more than a safer building and liability protection. You have peace of mind.

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