Service: Real Estate Repositioning

Delivering a Strategic Approach to Optimize Property Value

For owners and managers of residential real estate portfolios, taking advantage of improvement opportunities can be a challenge. Capital improvement in an investment property is a delicate balance of funding and managing the renovation while maintaining or improving the income and property value, and the building isn't getting younger either.

What is Real Estate Asset Repositioning?

Real Estate Repositioning is the strategic use of renovations and improvements on properties in order to change its place in the real estate market. This can range from a refurbishment that upgrades the building to be more in line with modern buildings, to a complete redevelopment that changes the building's purpose. Another name it often goes by is property repositioning.

Repositioning typically occurs in the multifamily real estate market where savvy owners and property managers reposition their apartment complexes. However the process can be used to redevelop a variety of property types.

There are many benefits property owners can can achieve with repositioning.

Why Choose Xpera Group for Property Repositioning?

Xpera's Real Estate Repositioning is a unique combination of our services which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. By utilizing market research, property condition assessments, construction management and connecting you with sustainability and cost segregation specialists, we are able to create a robust renovation strategy that can dramatically increase cash flow and lower existing operating costs.

Our team brings experience renovating over 100 multifamily housing projects and commercial facilities in the past 20 years. We have learned that a complete program that takes a holistic view provides the most value to our clients. We do far more than remodel, we enhance and reposition the asset strategically in the marketplace.


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