Real Estate Forensic Economics Expert
Service: Forensic Economics

Economic Analysis in Construction / Real Estate Litigation

In construction and real estate disputes, calculating losses and damages is no easy task. When the task involves economic and market forces, as they often do, an expert in Forensic Economics is needed. 

Forensic Economics is the practice of applying economic theories and methods to determine the losses or damages caused by a behavior or an event that is the subject of litigation.

Xpera Group's Alan Nevin is uniquely able to provide forensic economic services in litigation involving real estate and construction. With decades of expertise providing market research and development advisory, Mr. Nevin brings in-depth knowledge of economic and demographic forces that impact the success and failures of real estate ventures. 


Range of Services

  • Asset Valuations
  • Financial Feasibility and Proforma Analysis
  • Economic Damages and Loss of Value Calculations
  • Delay Cost Impact Analysis
  • Fiscal Impact Analysis
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Settlement Negotiation for Property and Economic Loss Disputes in Mediation


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