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Service: Property Condition Assessment

For Making Smart Property Decisions, Knowledge is power

Whether it is for the purpose of point-of-sale evaluation, insurance risk evaluation, capital planning, or use-conversion, Xpera’s Property Condition Assessments (PCA) provide the critical information needed to make smart, informed property decisions.

Drawing upon decades of experience and hundreds of construction defect evaluations, our team of field investigators and specialty experts are able to uncover a wide range of physical deficiencies and building performance issues in constructed buildings. For scenarios which destructive or intrusive testing is needed, Xpera can provide complete, coordinated testing services needed to perform a thorough analysis on a facility's condition.

Property Condition Assessment Service Details

Our suite of PCA services follows ASTM E2018 guidelines, the industry standard. This includes the following four components:

  • Documentation Review and Interviews
  • Walk-Through Surveys
  • Costs to Remedy Analysis
  • Property Condition Report (PCR)

For more details here's a page where you can read about property condition assessments.

Commercial Property Due Diligence, Tailored to your Needs

In addition to the ASTM PCA Standard, Xpera Group offers enhanced due diligence surveys and inspections, providing construction expert insight that traditional commercial property inspections would miss, including:

  • Capital Improvement Opportunities to Building Components & Systems
  • Environmental Assessments
  • ADA Accessibility Survey
  • FHA Accessibility Survey
  • Surveys to confirm or establish property size and dimensions
  • Reporting on subterranean conditions
  • Preparing Engineering Calculations

Trust your property evaluations to the West Coast’s most comprehensive group of construction consulting experts. Because there is no substitute for experience when it comes to real estate due diligence.

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