Service: Entitlement Support Services

Transforming Land & Properties into Opportunities 

Developing or re-developing large properties can bring life-changing opportunities. Creating those opportunities in California can be tricky due to many vested interests and stakeholders in the community. For the uninitiated, getting from concept to construction permit can feel like a minefield of challenges. 

Xpera Group's land use consultants bring decades of in depth knowledge and experience to the table. We help real estate developers streamline their project's entitlement process, ensuring that the numbers are penciled out and compliance checkmarks are checked.

Our team has been involved with real estate entitlements of tens of thousands of acres in all kinds of land use in their careers, and have expertise working and communicating with jurisdictions such as City of San Diego and entities such as The California Coastal Commission.

We tailor our services to fit our client’s needs, from due diligence, technical surveys to land use feasibility analysis and recommendations.

Our Entitlement support services include:

  • Land Use & Zoning Research
  • Land Development Strategy
    • City, County & State Regulation Compliance
    • CEQA & EIR Strategy
  • Preparation and filing Site Applications


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