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Transforming Land & Properties into Opportunities 

Developing or re-developing land and built properties can bring life-changing opportunities. Creating those opportunities in California can be tricky due to many vested interests and stakeholders in the community. For both the uninitiated and experienced professionals, getting from concept to construction permit can be a minefield of challenges. A million things can get overlooked or go wrong, any one of them can make a difference between project success or failure. That's where we can help.

Xpera Group connects residential and commercial real estate developers with the expertise needed to move the project towards completion.

Our land use and land development consultants bring decades of in depth knowledge and experience to the table. We help real estate developers streamline their project's entitlement process, ensuring that the numbers are penciled out and compliance checkmarks are checked.

Xpera's team has been involved with real estate entitlements of tens of thousands of acres in all kinds of land use in their careers, and have expertise working and communicating with jurisdictions such as City of San Diego and entities such as The California Coastal Commission.

We tailor our services to fit our client’s needs, from due diligence, technical surveys to land use feasibility analysis and recommendations.

Our Land Development / Entitlement support services include:

  • Land Use & Zoning Research
  • Financial Sustainability / Waterfall Analysis
  • Land Acquisition and Disposition / Underwriting
  • Full Cycle Land Development Management
  • Lender Services - Special Assets / OREO

Land Use, Zoning Research & Due Diligence

Rules and regulations vary across states, counties and even neighboring cities.  While generally governed by a common body of law, policies and procedures are seldom identical.  We have experienced professionals who have dealt in jurisdictions across the state on a wide variety of projects and can quickly assess and document the specifics of each situation.

Besides researching governing bodies, the Xpera team can assist in all aspects of project due diligence.  From project status to assessment of title and impacts of the California Subdivision Map Act to overseeing the field services necessary to assess boundary conditions, geotechnical suitability and determination of site hazards and remediation plans, including Phase 1 and Phase 2 studies where needed.

Financial Sustainability / Waterfall Analysis

As part of an acquisition or financial analysis of existing residential or commercial rental projects, the long term estimated costs of maintenance, capital improvements and replacements and rehabilitations must be matched with the anticipated funding sources, typically the projects revenue stream.  As operating costs creep up annually and financing terms change, cash flows for maintenance and capital items may decrease.  Annual monitoring of these budget forecasts is essential to proper asset management. 

Combining Xpera’s lead in market research and cost estimating, we can develop effective over-time forecasts that optimize available cash flow and match these to spending requirements  to ensure funding is available for major capital replacements (roofs, HVAC, etc.) as the expected life cycle of these components expire.

Land Acquisition and Disposition / Underwriting

The professionals at Xpera have decades of experience in the acquisition, development and disposition of real estate to the billions of dollars in value.  We can assist an investor in the acquisition analysis, economic studies and due diligence necessary to acquire property with a high degree of credibility and understanding that the issues, hurdles and opportunities of the project are properly assessed.

For dispositions, we can assist in market knowledge and pricing assistance to assist sellers that they can achieve optimal sales or exchange proceeds from their assets.  For both acquisitions and dispositions, we can manage the process with the attorneys, title companies and various consultants, and can assist in negotiations where desired.

Lender Services - Special Assets / OREO

Xpera’s land development and financial services members have assisted banks, lenders and investors in the acquisition, management and disposition of residential and commercial real estate throughout Southern California.  Our residential experience includes 22 major subdivisions and several master-planned developments totaling several thousands of units. 

From full due diligence investigations and financial proforma’s, to managing environmental issues and assisting in the negotiations for the disposition of these properties, Xpera has the experience and abilities to assist in any situation.

Development Support Team

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