Service: Cost Estimating

Informative Estimates to Drive Decisions


For almost all projects involving construction, the cost is often looked at right after the goal is visualized. When any challenge presents itself and solutions are evaluated, the cost is a major factor. It goes without saying that estimating the cost drives most business decisions instead of the invoices received afterwards.

Xpera’s advantage to construction cost estimating is that we take a holistic view in how much it costs to construct a building or perform a repair. Our years of experience gained in construction forensics has given us the deep insight on what works and what doesn't in estimating construction cost and we apply those lessons learned. We do more than analyze every inch of material and hour of work, we look how it comes together and how choices affect the final figure.

By establishing a realistic expectation, our clients can sleep well knowing their decisions are made on well grounded numbers.

Services include:

  • Conceptual Estimating
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Value Engineering
  • Cost Forecasting / Escalation Studies
  • Pre- and Post-Bid Analysis Studies
  • Change Order Management
  • Pre and Post-Contract Audit Services
  • BIM Cost Modeling
  • LEED Cost Analysis / Life Cycle Costing


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