Service: Construction Project Assessment / Rescue

A Trusted Partner for Project Success

Construction is a dynamic business with countless moving pieces, disparate interests and the potential for budget-busting surprises around every corner. Capable owners and construction finance professionals are well aware that due diligence goes beyond economic viability. No two projects are the same. To effectively assess the internal risks of a construction project, an evaluation from an experienced pair of eyes are in order. This is our specialty.

Xpera Group's construction consulting team helps owners and lenders identify and address the project's risks, acting as their extra set of eyes and ears. Our clients count on us as a consistent source of unbiased information, professional guidance and superlative communication to the construction team.

Utilizing our decades of experience managing complex construction projects, we bring the foresight to catch potential delay-causing issues as well as spot when the team many need additional support.

When an ongoing projects falls into distress and the fingers start flying, clients have brought us in to help turn things around and ensure that solutions are found and goals are met through the completion of the construction process. It’s a tremendous responsibility and one we take seriously.


Our project risk assessment capabilities include:

  • Construction Contract & Project Delivery Review
  • Construction Budgeting & Bid Reviews
  • As-Planned Schedule & Schedule Update Reviews
  • Change Order Reviews
  • Draw Request Reviews & Site Observations
  • Construction Dispute Resolution Consulting



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