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Xpera Group connects attorneys with the industry’s leading experts in construction forensics and litigation support services.

Ask a seasoned litigator and they will tell you: when it comes to expert witnesses, knowledge and experience are only part of the equation. What separates a good expert witness from a truly great one comes down to communication skills.

After all, few things are more intimidating to an opposing counsel than an expert who can clearly communicate complicated concepts as simple common sense. At Xpera Group, that’s our specialty.

We have dozens of the industry’s top experts in a wide range of building disciplines, with decades of proven experience both in the field and in the courtroom. This deep base of specialized expertise allows us to hand-pick the best construction expert witness – or full team of experts – to best support the needs of each case. Our forensic experts are supported by Xpera’s team of administrative specialists, with the goal of making the entire process as streamlined and efficient as possible for our clients.

But we don’t stop there. Leveraging decades of experience in the courtroom, our senior managers also provide ongoing professional development opportunities for our roster to experts. We invest in our people in order to help them become even more effective forensic experts and communicators, and in turn better serve the legal community.

So, regardless of the situation on a particular case, chances are we have the ideal expert to address it. Browse our expert directory by specialty area or allow us to find someone for you.

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