Service: Building System Commissioning

Achieving Building Performance As Designed


When constructing a building, at least 25% of the systems get installed and implemented during the final ten percent of its construction time. The challenge for many project managers in that final push is to make those final decisions of what gets installed and making sure it gets installed correctly, because ultimately the building owner inherits the systems in place.

Without thorough testing of building systems, it's hard to tell if everything will work out correctly. When it doesn't, the owner and operators spend precious time and resources troubleshooting and more time than not, it ends up in a finger pointing match.


Building Commissioning aims to solve that.


As the project owner's advocate, Xpera Group's Building Systems Commissioning team works closely together throughout the construction process, assuring that the design meets the owner's requirements, systems are installed correctly and their performance meets the design intent.

By including building commissioning, architects have peace of mind that their designs are sound, contractors are assured systems are installed correctly, and owners, operators and occupants reap the remarkable long-term benefits of a well balanced and efficient building. The benefits to commissioning are so well documented, it has become the foundation to green building certification programs such as LEED. 



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