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Verifying the Structural Integrity of Balconies, Decks and more

Builders always pride themselves on the high quality of work that can stand the test of time. However we know first-hand that some areas of buildings are highly complex and keeping them problem-free is a monumental task.

From our experience investigating a recent balcony collapse tragedy, we are reminded that builders and building owner's indirectly have people's lives in our hands. The days of build, inspect & forget exterior elevated elements are now a thing in the past, and today periodic inspection is becoming a best practice for risk management.

Water intrusion on wood-frame balcony that was hidden by a soffit

Few people realize that many balconies and decks with bottom covers (called a soffit) can have major problems that are invisible to basic visual inspection. You can read our groundbreaking Balcony Series from the beginning to learn more about it.

Balcony & Deck Inspections

Xpera's Balcony Assurance utilizes our cutting-edge minimally-invasive testing technology, combined with our proprietary InSpec building inspection methodology. This new inspection process allows us to provide a far more cost-effective approach to verifying the waterproofing performance, structural integrity and safety of exterior elevated elements such as balconies, decks, stairways and more.

Complying with California SB 721

In September 2018, California has passed Senate Bill 721, which requires the inspection of Exterior Elevated Elements (EEE) on Multifamily buildings. The details of California's balcony/deck law states that buildings with three or more units need inspections to verify both the structural integrity and the working order of the waterproofing systems.

You can learn more about the requirements at our FAQs on California EEE Inspections.

Xpera Group's Balcony Assurance process is specifically designed to comply with SB721. Our service aims to give proactive building owners and property managers the peace of mind that regulations are followed, their decks and balconies are in working order and any issues have been addressed.


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