Real Estate / Development Support Services

Providing Solutions & Support for Properties

Buildings and property are a foundational pillar of society. As part of our mission to help create a better built environment, Xpera Group provides construction and real estate expertise on both developed properties and those in the process of being built. 

Asset Consulting Services for Existing Buildings

Owners and investors have learned that to successfully manage properties, getting all the hard facts is half the battle. Whether it be a potential acquisition or planned renovation, missing important details can lead to costly hits in financial performance or failing to capitalize on value-enhancing opportunities.

Xpera Group connects real estate owners and managers with experienced professionals to provide timely, valuable information to make smart property decisions.

Our real estate consultants are uniquely qualified to evaluate a broad spectrum of buildings and structures, identifying subtle details that are critical to developing robust strategic decisions. With our background in both real estate and construction, our trained eye can spot solutions to maximizing the investment as well as risks to minimize and avoid.

These services include:

Support Services for Developing Real Estate

There are a million things that can get overlooked or go wrong during development and construction. Any one of them can make the difference between project success and project failure. That’s where we can help.

Xpera Group connects residential and commercial real estate developers with the specialized expertise they need to move their project towards completion.

From market research, entitlement support and more, our suite of development services add value at every stage of the process. We make even the most challenging visionary projects more successful with the optimal combination of experienced advisors to guide and assist you through the complex processes of development. 

These solutions include:


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Real Estate Development Consulting - Economic and Market Research Studies

With the advent of the Internet and other readily available sources of information, gathering statistical data for market research reports has become easier than ever. However, achieving an in-depth understanding of the many market forces at play in this field still requires specialized knowledge and extensive industry experience.

Alan Nevin is the leader of Xpera Group's economic and market research division. He has worked as a chief economist for California Building Industry Association and has performed thousands of real estate economic studies throughout US and California. As a real estate development consultant, he is uniquely qualified to assist you with your development strategy and due diligence needs.

Our services include economic & market research studies (fiscal impact reports, feasibility studies for commercial and residential development), real estate advisory (family and business succession planning, analysis of strategies and portfolios, allocations of holdings, etc.), and support analysis for legal professionals and real estate developers.

Cost estimating

It goes without saying that cost is a major deciding factor when it comes to any construction project. As the leader among construction consulting firms in San Diego, Xpera Group takes a holistic approach to measuring how much it costs to construct a building or conduct major repairs.

Thanks to our longtime experience in construction forensics, we have a deep insight into what does and does not work when it comes to estimating construction costs. We don't simply analyze the materials and hours of work, we analyze constructability to create a thorough scope of how the entire project comes together and what effects different choices will have on the final figure.

Being one cornerstones of our construction & real estate consulting services, our cost estimating capabilities include: feasibility studies, change order management, BIM cost modeling, life cycle costing / LEED cost analysis, post-bid and pre-bid analysis studies, escalation studies/cost forecasting, conceptual estimating, value engineering, and post- and pre-contract audit services.

Construction Project Risk Assessment and Rescue

At Xpera Group, we know that every construction project brings unique risks and challenges. As one of San Diego's best commercial real estate consulting companies, we assist owners and construction lenders in identifying the internal risks in their construction project. Our construction consulting team provides our clients with professional guidance, unbiased information, and superb communication with the construction team.

By enlisting our services, you will benefit from a real estate consulting company with decades of experience managing construction projects of all types. Our risk assessments identify issues that could potentially cause lengthy and expensive delays, and situations when the construction team may require additional support. In doing so, we help give peace of mind that the construction process is set for success and that potential construction claims are avoided.

Our ability to find mutually satisfactory solutions allows us to be a vital partner in the event of a claim, even after disagreements have escalated and construction has been brought to a halt due to complications.

Construction project risk assessment services we offer: change order reviews, construction dispute resolution consulting, bid and construction budgeting reviews, project delivery and construction contract review, schedule update and as-planned schedule reviews, and site observation and drive request reviews.

Real estate consulting - Land use / Entitlement support services

The development and re-development of large properties can create life-changing opportunities. However, California's many stakeholders and vested interests can make it difficult to create such opportunities.

Xpera Group provides premier real estate development consulting in San Diego. Our land use consultants possess the knowledge and the experience necessary to help real estate developers streamline their construction project's entitlement process. This ensures that all crucial compliance checkmarks are checked, and all the necessary numbers are penciled out.

We will customize our services to fit your specific situation and requirements. Our Entitlement real estate development consulting services include land development strategy, preparing and filing site applications, and researching land use and zoning.

Sustainability consulting

It's no news to anyone that the world is increasingly more interested in sustainability and green energy with each passing year. The influx of environmentally-friendly technologies, stricter code requirements, and green materials has made sustainability the new norm in construction. Attaining leadership status in this dynamic environment is harder than ever.

To help our clients achieve superb sustainability for their construction projects, Xpera Group has a team of sustainability professionals. Our knowledge of the latest advances in healthy and high-performance building design is yet another reason why we're the foremost among the top real estate consulting firms in San Diego. We can help you optimize your building's performance, improve resident health and comfort, and lower operating costs.

Sustainability services we offer: energy modeling, LEED certification support and consulting, HERS inspections, water conservation strategies and water audits, building commissioning and energy audits, and energy rebate program support.

Building systems commissioning

During a typical building construction, at least a fourth of the building's systems is installed and implemented during the last 10% of its construction time. Project managers must make final decisions on what exactly gets installed during that phase. They must also ensure it's installed properly, before the building is transferred to its owner.

Xpera Group is a top-of-the-line real estate advisory in San Diego whose building systems commissioning consultants thoroughly test the systems and ensure that they meet the owner's specifications. This prevents costly, time-consuming troubleshooting later on and avoids potential construction claims.

The best real estate development consulting in San Diego

As one of the most populous cities in California with over seventy miles of coastline, San Diego has many features that make it highly attractive to investors, homeowners and tourists alike. The fantastic weather (64 degrees average), leading business industries and numerous tourist attractions play a considerable role in the region’s vibrant real estate market. The housing market in San Diego is strong and has room to grow.

Furthermore, the city is situated to benefit from the San Diego opportunity zones program that is a part of the greater California opportunity zones program. By investing in these designated zones, investors can take advantage of various incentives including the capital gains tax breaks. Truly, the best time to build in San Diego is now.

By adding Xpera Group's decades of experience in real estate development consulting services on your team, you can ensure smooth sailing for your San Diego development ventures. Reach out to us today so that we can discuss how we can help your project.
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