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Since 2009, we have successfully completed more than 2,500 construction expert assignments across the states of California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, with the majority of our work coming from returning clients. Our expertise resolving construction claims regularly touches on issues such as standard-of-care, delays, contract disputes, construction defect investigation to more specialized services such as slip & fall analysis of walkway surfaces.

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How can forensic building consultants assist you?

Forensic construction consultants can be pivotal in resolving building-related disputes and claims. These professionals bring years of construction experience to the table and possess extensive skills practical knowledge to analyze complex issues. The types of disputes they can help you with can range from contract disputes, construction delays and disruptions, job site injuries, and claims of construction defects. An experienced forensic professional utilizes a methodical approach to investigate the claims and situations and identify the underlying causes of your legal matter.

For example, in the case of a construction defect claim, a forensic building inspector can perform an in-depth investigation, collect, compile and present reliable evidence in a mediation, arbitration or before the court as an expert witness. When testifying, these qualified construction experts present well-grounded opinions from the data they’ve gathered at the site and their comprehensive knowledge in their field’s standard of care. Testimony from forensic building experts can play a crucial role in favorably resolving claims you are making or facing.

What does forensic construction consulting entail?

When your client experiences problems with construction or is facing claims of defects, delays or injuries on the job site, you can reach out to forensic construction experts to help support your case. After some initial analysis, they can provide you an early case evaluation and help you decide on the most appropriate course of action. Tasks a construction expert does includes reviewing construction documents, plans, email records relating to the project, depositions and other existing documentation of the claim’s issues. If the scope includes a site visit, your forensic construction inspector will go to the building(s) to record and gather necessary and available evidence.

Furthermore, forensic building consultants bring knowledge of the industry’s standard methodology, practices and innovative solutions. If the expert is a forensic engineer, they know of solutions and practices that fit with the guidelines set by ASCE’s Forensic Engineering Division. With this knowledge, the consultants can provide you with valuable advice and guidance for handling construction-related issues litigation.

It is of the utmost importance that you consult credentialed and licensed investigators who are not only experienced in these matters, but who can also effectively communicate those findings and statements before the court.

What can you expect from forensic building investigations?

During or years after the construction of a project, an array of issues may arise that can lead to litigation. Your construction experts can help you determine and quantify the underlying issues and culpability of building failures by performing in-depth building investigations.

A forensic building investigation should be conducted by experienced construction experts who can apply appropriate methods and practices on field. Furthermore, a qualified forensic building inspector with practical knowledge and years of experience, can perform different types of construction investigations, including:

  •       Construction document analysis
  •       Visual inspections on site
  •       Destructive testing
  •       ASTM and ISO nondestructive testing
  •       Hazardous material-related investigations

Xpera Group: Your trusted forensic building consultants

Xpera Group has decades of experience in the field of forensic construction investigations. Our senior-level experts can perform in-depth assessments, testing and inspections by implementing reliable methods and tried-and-true principles.

As one of the leading construction consulting companies throughout the West Coast, we can provide you with trusted forensic mechanical engineering in Los Angeles, as well as extensive San Diego-based forensic mechanical engineering. We also conduct detailed forensic building investigations in Portland and offer professional forensic construction consulting in San Francisco.

We can assist you in litigation proceedings and our consultants can serve as expert witnesses before the court, presenting their evidence and expertise-based conclusion in an easily understandable manner. Contact us for a consultation!

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