Geotechnical Engineering Expert

Kevin Jordan, P.E.

Professional Expertise:

Mr. Jordan has over 25 years of experience in solving complex geotechnical problems in the construction industry. He performs development feasibility studies, earthwork and foundation design, grading/foundation construction monitoring, and investigations for post-construction failures.

Kevin Jordan's technical expertise includes geo-forensic evaluation and restoration design for adverse conditions that include ground settlement, soil expansion, slope/landslide failure, groundwater intrusion, soil corrosion, seismic impact and other earth science challenges. When he is called upon as a forensic expert, the evaluation often requires restoration design and oversight.

Legal Experience:

  • Designated expert in over 1,000 cases
  • Deposed over 100 times
  • Testified in over 20 trials
  • Involved in over 100 mediations

Registration / Licenses:

  • Arizona Civil Engineer, CE 29938
  • California Geotechnical Engineer, GE 2286
  • California Civil Engineer, CE 44011
  • Hawaii Professional Engineer, PE 8832
  • Nevada Civil Engineer, CE 10552
  • New Mexico Professional Engineer, PE 15009
  • Oregon Professional Engineer, PE 15163

Memberships / Affiliations:

  • American Society of Civil Engineers – Geo Institute
  • International Society of Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineers
  • California Geotechnical Engineers Association
  • Forensic Consultants Association
  • American Concrete Institute
  • Post-Tensioning Institute

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