Electrical Construction Expert

John Nicholas

Professional Expertise:

John Nicholas is an expert in electrical project management and expert witness for complex litigation cases involving electrical defective construction, personal injury, product liability and cost of construction claims and delays. 

Mr. Nicholas has extensive experience in residential, multi-family, commercial, and forensic analysis of all types of electrical systems, construction and contracts. His licenses are current and valid, including his ICC Electrical Inspectors Certificate, and his OSHPD (Office of State Health, Planning and Development) certificate is valid and current. He also is affiliated with several code and professional organizations.

Area of Expertise:

Expert Witness:

  • Breach of Contract Claims
  • Wrongful Death by Electrocution
  • Shock Injuries
  • Defective Construction Claims, Delays
  • Performance Bond Claims and analysis
  • Medical Facility Construction Defect Causes of Action
  • Products (Electrical) Liability Claims


  • Electrical Construction, Reconstruction, Contracting and Estimating
  • Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing, Inspection, and Analysis of Failures
  • Catastrophe Impact Cost Analysis, Electrical Systems Failures and Damage Claims
  • UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) Certification, Exide Corp. - Uses and Failure Analysis Impact

Registration / Licenses:

  • State of California: C-10 Electrical Contractors License #656654. (1992)
  • State of Nevada: C-2 Electrical Contractors License #0038501.(1995) (Inactive)
  • State of Arizona: C-11 Com. Electrical Contractor License #122818.(1997) (Inactive)
  • State of Arizona: L-11 Res. Electrical Contractor License #122818.(1997) (Inactive)
  • State of Colorado: Electrical Contractor License # 4842. (1996) (Inactive)
  • State of Colorado: Master Electrician License # 25421. (1996) (Inactive)
  • State of Utah: Master Electrician Cont. # 369472-5502 (2001) (Inactive)
  • State of Hawaii: Electrical Contractor License # 25698. (2005)
  • State of Idaho: Master Electrician License # 5481 (Inactive)
  • State of Texas: Adjuster, All Lines License # 1408958 (2006) (Inactive)
  • ICBO,ICC: #1048343 - Registered Electrical Inspector, ICBO,ICC
  • OSHPD: CA. Office of State Health and Planning - #B-010183
  • State of Florida Certified and Licensed Electrical Inspector

Memberships / Affiliations:

  • ICBO - Int’l Conference of Building Officials - Registered Electrical Inspector
  • NFPA - National Fire Prevention Association – Member #000129507
  • IES - Illuminating Engineering Society - Member
  • IAEI - International Assoc. of Electrical Inspectors - Member # 53160
  • ABA - American Bar Association – Member # 99543648
  • CCBA - Clark County Bar Association
  • NAFI – National Association of Fire Investigators


  • University of Akron, Ohio
  • Four-Year JIC/AFL - CIO Electrician Apprenticeship - Goodyear Akron
  • Western State University, College of Law, Irvine Campus, California

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