Quality Assurance Services

Achieving Quality and Peace of Mind in Construction

Whether you are a contractor, architect or construction manager, quality is the goal of any building project. Knowing that their work will stand the test of time and no details were overlooked is what helps builders sleep well at night.

That’s why at Xpera Group we have developed a team of Construction Quality Assurance professionals whose sole mission is to ensure that every project achieves excellence.

With decades of real-world construction experience, our ICC-certified inspectors provide a second set of highly-trained eyes on every project. We are able to apply lessons learned from thousands of inspections to make sure quality standards are met and costly problems avoided. But we don’t stop there.

Providing the best QA services also requires the best tools. Inspec®, our proprietary documentation and tracking tool, provides a smarter, more efficient process for identifying and correcting issues in real time. This immediate, actionable intelligence empowers builders to not only catch, but prevent costly issues, saving time and money and ultimately ensuring a better quality product.

Vetted and approved by major insurance carriers and preferred by leading builders in California, you can trust that Xpera’s Quality Assurance will help you achieve your best work.

Construction Quality Assurance Services

Xpera Group's offers QA/QC services for both residential and commercial construction projects in California and the surrounding states. From third-party plan review to quality control inspectors visiting your site, we listen to our clients and work closely to satisfy their needs. Our services include:

QA Third Party Peer Review for Homebuilders   Building Envelope Consulting for Commercial & Multi-Family buildings

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