Xpera RE Presents Apartment Renovation Seminar

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This summer, the newly formed apartment renovation division of Xpera Group (known as Xpera RE) hosted an informative Apartment Renovation Seminar at the San Diego County Apartment Association.

A room-full of apartment owners and managers heard presentations by 10 experts in all areas of the renovation process, most of whom are members of Xpera Group. Alan Nevin gave a presentation on the opportunities for renovation, given the aging of the local apartment supply and the need to create “B” quality units to satisfy the needs of a growing millennial population.

Xpera Group’s lead architect, Kirk O’Brien, AIA, showed examples of apartment renovations both before and after his renovation designs had been implemented. Division director Neal Singer presented the financial implications associated with renovation and Xpera member Fred Nagel shared a detailed cost analysis of a typical renovation program.

Other panelists included Joel Grushkin (cost segregation), Bill Exeter (1031 exchanges), Gary Hartman (insurance,) Ben Price (lending), Brian Hill (Xpera’s in-house sustainability expert) and David Pallinger (president of Xpera CM).

The attendance fees paid by the seminar participants were donated in their entirety by Xpera RE to the San Diego County Apartment Association’s scholarship fund.

For further information about Xpera RE’s apartment repositioning services, please call (858) 848-1764 or visit

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