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Xpera CM has managed many high-profile building projects over the last couple of years, including a new hotel tower at the Viejas Resort & Casino in Alpine, the redevelopment of the former military facility at Camp Anza in Riverside, and the LEED-certified Lofts on Landis affordable housing project in Chula Vista, to name just a few. But, we also work with a number of smaller, private clients whose projects, while still quite complex, don’t necessarily make the news headlines.   

For example, we were recently brought in to serve as project manager for a new multi-million-dollar custom home in Coronado, according to Xpera CM President David Pallinger.

Before our involvement, the homeowner encountered countless challenges with the project, resulting in a staggering two-year construction delay due to difficult below-grade de-watering and waterproofing issues on the site.

After analyzing the below-grade water issues and reviewing the general contractor’s contract, scope of work and supporting documents, the Xpera CM team was able to ascertain the most efficient and effective path forward for the homeowner.

Project Manager Guillermo Lopez now leads the project team in weekly project meetings, monitors site conditions and activities, reviews change orders and manages payment requests. The project is finally progressing to the client’s satisfaction, with completion due by this summer.

“Through our litigation work, we frequently see custom home disasters,” said Xpera President Ted Bumgardner. “For some reason, even the smartest, most successful people often hire the wrong contractor, fail to get proper contractual protections and secure any professional oversight. These can be very expensive mistakes and they can quickly turn a dream home project into a financial and legal nightmare.”

“The biggest problem I come across is fund control,” added Steve Hill, an Xpera expert whose experience includes over 6,500 homes involving construction defect, insurance coverage, failure to disclose, fraud, criminal negligence and project mismanagement. “Many contracts are next to worthless, even stating that they are not responsible for anything that would normally protect the homeowner. We’ve seen cases where attorneys are left going to battle over a million dollars in cost over-runs and delays of a year or more. These issues could so easily have been avoided altogether with expert guidance.” 

Ted has developed an extensive white paper entitled Avoiding Custom Home Construction Disaster, which walks homeowners through six specific lessons they need to learn before embarking on a major home construction project.

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