Xpera at the Padres

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While San Diego’s construction industry is bustling with activity, it is important to sometimes step away from the office and job site and participate in the community. More often than not, Xpera Group does this by volunteering, whether it’s helping build houses for Habitat for Humanity or pack meals for people in need.

Most recently, we took the opportunity to give back to our employees for all the good work they do. The goal was simple: enjoy quality time together along with one of San Diego’s favorite past-times, a ballgame at Petco Park. The Padres were up against the Colorado Rockies that evening, and we had a great time watching from the Western Metal Supply Building. Although there were no flyballs in our direction, the Padres had a stellar 7th inning and ultimately won the game.

Xpera is proud and grateful to have such a wonderful team. Here’s to nine years of helping improve the built environment.

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