Update on Xpera’s Integration as a Vertex Company

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Last summer, we shared the news that Xpera Group was acquired by The Vertex Companies, Inc. (VERTEX), a global provider of forensic consulting, engineering design, construction, environmental and technology solutions. The move represented an exciting opportunity for us to offer a deeper bench of experts and a wider breadth of services to our clients.

Over the last several months, we have been working with our colleagues at VERTEX’s headquarters in Massachusetts as well as offices around the country to integrate our companies and further define Xpera’s role as part of VERTEX.

This graphic helps illustrate the various service areas under the VERTEX umbrella where our teams collaborate to bring value to clients:

Xpera's services within the Vertex Umbrella of services

Some highlights of our expanded service solutions include:

  • VERTEX augments Xpera’s construction team with expanded forensics solutions, engineering design, environmental and technology solutions.
  • VERTEX has additional resources to support Xpera’s building envelope, waterproofing consulting and residential third-party quality assurance services.
  • VERTEX’s geographic footprint expands Xpera’s reach beyond San Diego and California to a national level.
“It has been very exciting to be part of this process over the last seven months, as we work with our new colleagues to provide services not previously available to our clients,” said Steve Grimes, formerly President of Xpera and now Executive Vice President of VERTEX. “The services presented here are just a small sampling of what VERTEX offers nationally. We look forward to sharing these additional resources with our long-time clients as another way we can bring value to their projects.”

“VERTEX provides resources to Xpera’s customers that offer seamless service alongside construction consulting and construction litigation,” said Mark Degenaars, President, Construction Services, for VERTEX. “Solutions include engineering design, environmental and technology services, and our geographic reach now expands globally.”

More information about VERTEX’s broad range of services can be found here.

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