Standard of Care Analysis in Construction Claims

In construction litigation and construction claims one term gets brought up time and time again: standard of care. Standard of care analysis is often used when there’s a delay, the building(s) have construction defects or when a party alleges that someone breached ...

Topics: Construction Claims, Construction Forensics, Testifying Expert, Building Codes and Standards, Standard of Care Claims, General Contractor Standards

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From Our Case Files: Economist and Appraiser Team up for Winning Verdict

Subject: Property Valuation & Investment Strategy

Topics: From Our Case Files, Market Research, Asset Valuations, Real Estate Asset Management, Property Owner/Manager, Rental Property, Alan Nevin, Specialty Experts, Testifying Expert

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Effective Use of Experts: Construction Defect Litigation Leaders Weigh in

2018 marks the 25th anniversary of West Coast Casualty’s annual Construction Defect Seminar. Prior to its acquisition by Xpera, Roel Consulting Group was a founding sponsor of this leading educational event and Xpera has proudly continued to support WCC ever ...

Topics: Testifying Expert, Construction Forensics, Construction Claims, Brian Hill, West Coast Casualty's Construction Defect Seminar

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From Our Case Files: Construction Expert Proves Critical in Criminal Defense Case

Subject: Stair/Balcony Construction Analysis

Client: Matthew J. Speredelozzi, Esq, San Diego, CA

Expert: Stephen Wilson, Xpera Building Envelope Group

Topics: Construction Forensics, Testifying Expert, Specialty Experts, Stephen Wilson, From Our Case Files, Construction Defect Claims, Building Codes and Standards

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Testifying Expert in California: 7 Frequently Asked Questions

A testifying expert can be a tremendous asset to your case. Read on to find answers to the most common questions relating to expert witnesses in construction cases, but feel free to reach out to us if you’d like answers that pertain directly to your case.


Topics: Testifying Expert, Specialty Experts

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From Our Case Files: San Diego County Wildfires (2007)

An ongoing series exploring cases involving Xpera Group’s team of experts.

Subject: Property loss evaluations for hundreds of properties destroyed or severely ...

Topics: Property Loss, Cost Estimating, Testifying Expert, Cost of Repair, From Our Case Files, Construction Forensics, Ted Bumgardner

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Mock Deposition: Jay Penland - General Contracting & Fenestration

Jay Penland, Xpera's construction expert in General Contracting and Fenestration, recently sat down on camera for a mock deposition. This short video gives an introduction to Mr. Penland's background and experience as a custom home builder, renovation ...

Topics: Testifying Expert, Mock Deposition, Construction Forensics, Jay Penland, Fenestration

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How to Choose the Best Expert Witness for Forensic Building Investigations?

 When a case requires forensic building investigations for finding construction defects, how do you find and choose the expert witness to work with?

Topics: Testifying Expert, Specialty Experts, Construction Forensics, Construction Defect, Construction Claims

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What Makes a Great Construction Expert Witness in California?

Merriam Webster dictionary defines expert as “having, involving, or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience”. However, an expert isn’t always a good expert witness. And many can testify to the fact that a good expert ...

Topics: Testifying Expert, Specialty Experts, Construction Claims, Construction Forensics, Construction Legal Issues

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West Coast Casualty Seminar 2017 Recap

In May, over 1,200 construction law professionals from across the United States gathered for West Coast Casualty’s 24th annual Construction Defect Seminar in Anaheim, CA. Numerous legal and insurance industry thought-leaders presented the latest developments in ...

Topics: Construction Defect, West Coast Casualty's Construction Defect Seminar, Specialty Experts, Testifying Expert, Law

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