New Leadership Roles for Steve Grimes and Ted Bumgardner

We have some exciting news to share about the Xpera leadership team as we kick off our 10th year in business in 2019.

Topics: Ted Bumgardner, Steve Grimes, Management Team, News

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Delay Claims: Time is Money (But Not Always)

The old adage that “Time is Money” has never been more true than as it relates to the development and construction of revenue producing properties. Between the Owner’s debt service expense on multi-million-dollar loans, lost revenue and the Contractor’s ...

Topics: Construction Delay Claims, Construction Claims, Construction Forensics, Ted Bumgardner

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Lawyer Lunch & Learn: Construction Delay Claims

In April, the Xpera team had the opportunity to give a presentation to the San Diego Defense Lawyers group on the subject of construction delay claims.

Topics: Construction Delay Claims, Construction Forensics, Ted Bumgardner, Construction Claims, News

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From Our Case Files: San Diego County Wildfires (2007)

An ongoing series exploring cases involving Xpera Group’s team of experts.

Subject: Property loss evaluations for hundreds of properties destroyed or severely ...

Topics: Property Loss, Cost Estimating, Testifying Expert, Cost of Repair, From Our Case Files, Construction Forensics, Ted Bumgardner

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Construction Auditing Services : Finding Money on the Table

A penny saved is a penny earned. And a process for finding and preventing wasted dollars on major construction contracts is a worth its weight in gold. It's called construction auditing. 

Topics: Construction Auditing, Cost Estimating, Specialty Experts, Construction Management, CM, CM/Development Services, Ted Bumgardner, Patricia Campbell

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Why Basis of Design Is Critical for Design-Build Projects

Design-Build has become a very popular project delivery method for both the private and public sectors within the construction industry. As a modernized take on the “master builder” model that has served mankind for millennia, the contract creates a single ...

Topics: CM, CM/Development Services, contracts, Construction Legal Issues, Ted Bumgardner, Construction Management, Publications

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Fires, Floods & Quakes: A Proactive Approach to Risk Management

The toll of natural disasters over the past several months has been shocking. While we watch the evening news with empathy for the victims of flooding, fires and earthquakes, I’m sure many of us are asking ourselves what would we do in similar circumstances.


Topics: Risk Management, Construction Forensics, Property Loss, Ted Bumgardner, Publications, Damage Assessments

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Turning Around Construction Projects in Distress

Subject: Projects in Distress
Attorney: David Cardone, Founding Partner, Dunn DeSantis Walt & Kendrick
Expert: Ted Bumgardner


Topics: Construction Forensics, Testifying Expert, Specialty Experts, Construction Claims, Ted Bumgardner, From Our Case Files

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Xpera CM: Getting from “Problem” to “Problem Solved”

“We have a problem.”  How many times have we all gotten that call?

Topics: CM/Development Services, CM, Ted Bumgardner, Project Management Practices, Construction Management, Construction Claims

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The Hidden Dangers of Wood-Framed Cantilevered Balconies - Part 2

This is Part 2 of our three part series. You can read from the beginning here and the last article 

Topics: Building Codes and Standards, Balcony, Apartments, California, Brian Hill, Ted Bumgardner, Publications

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