Standard of Care Analysis in Construction Claims

In construction litigation and construction claims one term gets brought up time and time again: standard of care. Standard of care analysis is often used when there’s a delay, the building(s) have construction defects or when a party alleges that someone breached ...

Topics: Construction Claims, Construction Forensics, Testifying Expert, Building Codes and Standards, Standard of Care Claims, General Contractor Standards

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Delay Claims: Time is Money (But Not Always)

The old adage that “Time is Money” has never been more true than as it relates to the development and construction of revenue producing properties. Between the Owner’s debt service expense on multi-million-dollar loans, lost revenue and the Contractor’s ...

Topics: Construction Delay Claims, Construction Claims, Construction Forensics, Ted Bumgardner

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Effective Use of Experts: Construction Defect Litigation Leaders Weigh in

2018 marks the 25th anniversary of West Coast Casualty’s annual Construction Defect Seminar. Prior to its acquisition by Xpera, Roel Consulting Group was a founding sponsor of this leading educational event and Xpera has proudly continued to support WCC ever ...

Topics: Testifying Expert, Construction Forensics, Construction Claims, Brian Hill, West Coast Casualty's Construction Defect Seminar

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Hard to Handle: Managing Increasingly Complex Construction Claims

Through my work in construction forensics over the past 20 years, I have had a front row seat to over 1,000 construction lawsuits, claims and other disputes. From allegations over defective design, manufacture or installation, to claims of delay or cost overruns, ...

Topics: Construction Defect Claims, Construction Claims, Construction Forensics, Trends, Construction Delay Claims, Publications

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Lawyer Lunch & Learn: Construction Delay Claims

In April, the Xpera team had the opportunity to give a presentation to the San Diego Defense Lawyers group on the subject of construction delay claims.

Topics: Construction Delay Claims, Construction Forensics, Ted Bumgardner, Construction Claims, News

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Construction Claims Management: Avoiding Claims

Given the complexity of construction projects, it’s understandable they are fraught with possibility of claims. Actually, at least one quarter of construction projects go through a claim. Claims equal delays, frustration, financial losses and strained or ruined ...

Topics: Construction Defect Claims, Breach of Contract Claims, Construction Claims, Construction Delay Claims, Claims

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Understanding Delay Claims: Looking Beyond the CPM

First, the basics. The Critical Path Method, or CPM, is the most commonly used scheduling technique in the construction industry today, designed to minimize delays and enhance accountability, so that projects can progress most effectively and efficiently.


Topics: Construction Claims, Construction Delay Claims, Construction Forensics, Publications

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How to Choose the Best Expert Witness for Forensic Building Investigations?

 When a case requires forensic building investigations for finding construction defects, how do you find and choose the expert witness to work with?

Topics: Testifying Expert, Specialty Experts, Construction Forensics, Construction Defect, Construction Claims

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What Makes a Great Construction Expert Witness in California?

Merriam Webster dictionary defines expert as “having, involving, or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience”. However, an expert isn’t always a good expert witness. And many can testify to the fact that a good expert ...

Topics: Testifying Expert, Specialty Experts, Construction Claims, Construction Forensics, Construction Legal Issues

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Turning Around Construction Projects in Distress

Subject: Projects in Distress
Attorney: David Cardone, Founding Partner, Dunn DeSantis Walt & Kendrick
Expert: Ted Bumgardner


Topics: Construction Forensics, Testifying Expert, Specialty Experts, Construction Claims, Ted Bumgardner, From Our Case Files

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