Xpera Delivers Building Envelope Training to San Diego Architects

Most industry professionals who have been around the block a few times will tell you they’ve seen it all. That is, until they’re surprised by a major problem they’ve never encountered before. When these surprises involve waterproofing issues, the ripple effects ...

Topics: Building Envelope, Waterproofing Systems, Architecture, News, Steve Easton, Kirk O'Brien, Quality Assurance, AIA

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Xpera Offers New CE Course on Building Envelope Risks

Building envelope consulting has long been one of our most sought-after ...

Topics: Building Envelope, Architecture / Engineering, Risk Management, News, San Diego, Steve Easton, Kirk O'Brien, AIA

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Five Building Industry Organizations Join Forces To Establish A Single Green Standard

Note: This article was orginally published in August, 2014 at and is reprinted below with full permission.

Finally, after ...

Topics: *, Brian Hill, Green Building, xg, International Code Council (ICC), building science, USGBC, Construction, AIA, ASHRAE, Construction Legal Issues, IES, feature, Building Codes and Standards, redirect

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Some Commonly (and Not So Commonly) Used Architectural Terminology

When it comes to designing and constructing the built environment, architects, engineers, contractors and other professionals in the industry often use terminology that may sound like a foreign language to outsiders.

Topics: Architecture, Architecture / Engineering, *, BE, RE, Architect / Engineer, Brian Hill, AIA, CE

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Member Spotlight: Fay Lorraine Sueltz, AIA, CASI

The Xpera team of experts continues to grow to bring more specialized expertise to our clients. We recently welcomed our newest member, Fay Lorraine Sueltz, AIA, CASI, to assist clients with ADA ...

Topics: *, FS, RE, Fay Lorraine Sueltz, Accessibility, AIA, Certified Access Specialist (CASp), Construction Legal Issues, ADA

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