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In 2020, when we announced that Xpera Group was acquired by The Vertex Companies, Inc. (VERTEX) we told you that this move would allow us to offer a deeper bench of experts and a wider breadth of services to our clients. One great example of this enhanced expertise is surety solutions.

Jeffrey Katz, P.E.For over 20 years, surety providers worldwide have turned to VERTEX for claims consulting, funds control, completion contracting, and document collection, management and retention solutions. VERTEX’s team of consultants offer solutions that recognize the contract surety provider’s need to reduce exposure, optimize recovery and accelerate closure.

Surety is an important subject for many Xpera clients, so we would like to the opportunity to introduce you to Jeffrey Katz, P.E., Vice President, Surety for VERTEX. He is a professional engineer who has been involved as a consultant or expert on large files across North America, preparing claims and expert reports related to project completion costs, unforeseen conditions, design issues, project delay and schedule impacts, overpayment, construction defects and more.

Katz has written a three-part series of articles entitled Measuring the Reasonableness of Completion Costs Post Termination that we believe will be of great interest to our readers. Katz takes a deep dive into the process of determining what is “reasonable” as it relates to construction completion costs, including which costs that are deemed reasonable and those that are not.

Click Here to Download the Article (PDF).

Alternatively, you can read the three-part series on Vertex's website.

You can learn more about the VERTEX’s surety services and read additional articles by Jeff Katz on the company’s website.

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