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We have all heard the old adage:

“The best defense is a good offense.”

The concept could very well be applied to construction. Have a successful strategy from Day One and you’re far less likely to run into problems down the road.

Due to our wide range of consulting services at Xpera Group, we’re in a unique position to deliver specialized expertise at all phases of the development process—from our Development Services team working on the very early stages of planning for a new development, to our Quality Assurance group providing real-time evaluation and reporting on the job site, to our Constructions Forensics experts providing analysis and testimony when projects run into problems and end up in litigation.

One of our more recent specialty groups was launched to fill another unique need in the industry: Project Assessment and Rescue Services. In this capacity, Xpera’s role is to support owners and lenders by identifying and addressing the various risks on a project, and in turn, develop and execute the best strategy to reach a successful project completion.

Xpera Group created this service in response to the number of calls we have received from various stakeholders over the years. Understandably, we will keep our clients’ names confidential due to the sensitivity being associated with projects in this state.

For a project facing delays and/or major cost escalations, Xpera’s Tim Ireland jumps in to provide a thorough analysis, utilizing his expertise in construction management and construction law. He then develops an effective strategy to get the project back on track and provide the support and expertise needed to achieve a successful conclusion.

“We are able to evaluate where the project trouble spots are on each project and put together an effective game plan to move everything forward,” said Ireland. “In some cases, this includes developing an as-built and updated construction schedule that everyone adheres to, attending weekly team meetings as the client’s extra set of eyes and ears, and drawing on the support of our own team of specialty consultants to solve specific problem areas, as needed. It has proved to be a winning solution for our clients to help them reach the finish line successfully.”

This service has led to one of the clients to proactively utilize Xpera’s services on the front end to avoid these problems during construction. Much like how our construction defect investigation experience is the bedrock of our quality assurance services, our expertise in this service allows us to help avoid and manage these project pitfalls before breaking ground.

Congrats to the entire team for another job well done.


To learn more about Xpera Group’s Project Assessment and Rescue Services, visit the recently updated real estate consulting section of our website, or contact Tim Ireland at For information about Xpera’s other Real Estate/Development Support Services, contact Steve Grimes at

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