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It’s no secret that water intrusion can spell disaster for a building. In fact, leak damage is the single biggest driver of construction defect litigation. As projects and regulations become increasingly complex, it is more difficult than ever to maintain quality control across multiple building systems in order to prevent leaks.

That’s why Xpera Group has devoted an entire specialty group to ensuring the integrity and performance of the Building Envelope.

Under the leadership of Steve Easton since 2012, our highly qualified Building Envelope team has decades of hands-on building experience, combined with invaluable insights gained from hundreds of forensic building failure analyses. We work with developers, architects and general contractors to act as an extra set of eyes focused specifically on preventing, identifying and solving potential water intrusion issues throughout the design and construction process.

Peace of Mind at Every Stage

Most of the group’s projects are what is known as “over-podium,” with a multi-level concrete structure topped with a mid- or high-rise framed building above. Xpera’s role typically begins with the design for the below-grade waterproofing systems, followed by physical inspections to ensure everything has been installed correctly and is performing optimally. The team then follows the project as it moves above ground, reviewing each of the many interrelated systems that impact the integrity of the Building Envelope, including masonry, window assemblies, wall claddings and roofing products.

Oftentimes, a full-size lab mockup or site mockup is built to provide an opportunity to test the entire system prior to production to see if it performs as intended.

Beyond these quality assurance processes, the Building Envelope Group also offers field performance testing services for exterior cladding assemblies, to ensure they will perform to applicable industry standards for water and air intrusion.

Rapid Response

Based in San Diego and primarily focused on the Southern California region, the Building Envelope Group is able to provide its clientele with quick, responsive service.

“One of the things our clients appreciate the most is our ability to respond quickly to what is happening on the job site,” said Easton. “If there is a waterproofing condition that needs to be reviewed or some other issue that needs to be addressed right away, we can typically get someone onsite the same day. That makes a huge difference in keeping the project on track and ensuring it is executed correctly.”

Diverse Team of Specialists

A point of distinction for the Building Envelope Group is its diverse crew, with each member of the eight-person team bringing a unique set of skills to the process, including two licensed architects for plan reviews and contractor-level waterproofing specialists for site inspections. The team is primarily comprised of company employees rather than outside contractors.

“We have to be prepared to move quickly and we can’t do that if we aren’t able to manage people’s schedules,” said Easton, who hopes to add two more people to the team soon.

Project Highlights

Easton and his team are involved in a number of exciting new projects in San Diego and Orange County, including:

  • K1 – A 22-story apartment project for The Richman Group
  • The Alexan ALX – A 19-story apartment project for Trammel
    Crow Residential
  • Broadstone Makers Quarter – A seven-story apartment project
    for Alliance Residential
  • Carté Hotel – A 14-story boutique hotel (part of Hilton’s Curio
  • UC San Diego – Nuevo West & Nuevo East – 10 mid- and highrise
    graduate student housing buildings
  • UC Irvine
    • Middle Earth Housing Expansion – Two five-story residential
      towers over a two-story podium
    • Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Building (ISEB)
      Six-story multi-disciplined science and research facility

“Kudos to our entire Building Envelope team for their hard work and dedication to this important
service niche in our industry,” said Xpera Chairman Ted Bumgardner. “As those of us on the forensics
side of the business know all too well, when it comes to waterproofing, an ounce of prevention is worth
much more than a pound of cure. It certainly pays to build it right the first time. Our Building Envelope
team is the embodiment of our company tagline: Experience. Your best solution.”

To learn more about Xpera’s Building Envelope Group, contact Steve Easton at or Steve Grimes at

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