Tragic Trifecta: Smart Home Risks, Natural Disasters and Dwindling Insurance Coverage

2019 marked the 26th anniversary of West Coast Casualty’s Construction Defect Seminar
(WCCCDS), which took place in May at the Disneyland Hotel. As we have done every year
since our founding a decade ago, Xpera was a sponsor of the event and many of our key ...

Topics: Defects Analysis, West Coast Casualty's Construction Defect Seminar, Construction Claims, Construction Defect, Construction Defect Claims

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PCBC 2019 Highlights

This spring, the Xpera team was pleased to join many of our clients, colleagues and friends at the annual Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC) at Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Topics: Events, Production Homebuilder, PCBC, Trends

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Remembering John McGinnis

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that John McGinnis, one of Xpera’s founding investors, passed away on May 16.

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Keeping Your Tentative Subdivision Map Alive

For creating residential subdivisions, getting a tentative map approved is a major milestone where many regulatory issues from various agencies are resolved and the remaining conditions to final approval become known. The subject of tentative map life for ...

Topics: Entitlement / Land Use, Real Estate Development, CM/Development Services, Law, Land Development, Bill Kennedy

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Commercial Real Estate Consulting Services: How We Can Help

Those of us who develop or own buildings, seeing the property utilized to its fullest and contribute to the community is a satisfying feeling. While there is often a financial benefit to maximizing the use of a property, in the big picture, buildings and property ...

Topics: Real Estate Development, Real Estate Developer, Commercial Real Estate Broker/Agent, real estate advisory

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Why Civil and Structural Forensic Engineers Can Be Invaluable in Construction Litigation

Crime dramas and police procedurals have taught people how essential forensic science can be for solving crimes. But the field of forensics goes far beyond fingerprints, DNA, ballistics and tool imprint analysis. With exception of a handful of cases, forensic ...

Topics: Construction Forensics

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How to Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls at Work

Fall-related accidents are associated with high-risk industries such as roofing and construction, but they can also occur in other work environments that aren’t normally associated with workplace accidents. While most jobs don’t require working on elevated ...

Topics: Walkway Auditing, Risk Management, Facilities Management, Property Condition Assessment

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Situations That Can Lead to an Owner Caused Delay in Construction

The construction process involves many moving parts and a diverse team of professionals working together. With this era’s shortage of skilled labor, the process is fragile, so complications can easily create delays or even total standstills in the construction ...

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Densification, Parking and Future Planning in San Diego

San Diego isn’t Manhattan or San Francisco and never will be. But, it can be built out with higher-density building product that will accommodate a broad range of buyer and renter types.

Topics: Economics, Real Estate Development, Alan Nevin, San Diego, Market Research

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Architect Kirk O’Brien Returns to Xpera Group

Kirk Obrien 2019We are pleased to announce that Kirk O’Brien, an award-winning architect and past president of the AIA San Diego Chapter, has ...

Topics: Building Envelope, Waterproofing Systems, Architecture, Los Angeles, Kirk O'Brien, Water Intrusion Investigation, Architecture Design Defect Analysis

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