California Governor signs Balcony Bill SB721 into Law

Those who have followed our series of articles about balcony risk are well aware of the incoming legislation. The Balcony Bill, formally known as California Senate Bill 721, has been amended close to a dozen times, but finally passed in the state legislature with ...

Topics: Balcony

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Below Grade Waterproofing – Doing It Right The First Time Around

Modern commercial and residential buildings often include spaces below ground level. The areas below the grade level are often used for parking, utility rooms, storage for maintenance and tunnels for services and communication conduits. As part of the building ...

Topics: Building Envelope, Waterproofing Systems, Quality Assurance

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7 Reasons Why Below-Grade Remedial Waterproofing Solutions Are Expensive

Doing everything right the first time around can seem expensive, especially when the change orders roll in during a project’s plan reviews or during the course of construction. It’s not easy to agree to the extra costs since they ultimately impact the ROI. The ...

Topics: Water Intrusion Investigation, Waterproofing Systems, Building Envelope, Quality Assurance

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Real Estate Broker vs. Real Estate Consultant – Who Do You Need?

In recent years, the real estate business has become increasingly exacting for individuals involved in it, and the need for real estate development consulting firms has never been higher. ...

Topics: real estate advisory, Real Estate Asset Management, Real Estate Portfolio Analysis

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The Reasons that Give Answer to “Why Should You Hire a Real Estate Consultant?”

Many businesses and individual investors understand the value of hiring attorneys and accountants for handling specific tasks. When it comes to real estate, even some experienced developers are still not quite sure why they should hire the services of a real ...

Topics: real estate advisory

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What Do Real Estate Consultants Do?

When a business sets a goal, they may not have all the resources and knowledge to perform the tasks in order to reach it. The business would often reach out to one or more consultants who have the expertise in that plays a part in ...

Topics: real estate advisory, Real Estate Asset Management, Real Estate Portfolio Analysis, Commercial Real Estate Broker/Agent, Real Estate Developer

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What Are the Primary Benefits of Investing in Commercial Real Estate?

When it comes to diversifying your portfolio, many commercial real estate consulting firms as well as sophisticated wealth management firms advise investing in ...

Topics: Real Estate Asset Management, real estate advisory, Real Estate Portfolio Analysis, Commercial Real Estate Broker/Agent, Real Estate Development

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Skilled Labor & Material Costs: Understanding the Changing Marketplace

Bob Dylan said it best: “The times they are a-changing.” They certainly are in the construction industry, particularly with regard to skilled labor availability and material costs.

Topics: Cost Estimating, Economics, CM/Development Services, James Weber

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2018 Mid-Year Economic Update

I have been accused of reading tea leaves to assist in my forecasting prognostications. Fortunately, the state of the economy is such that by simply using the government’s most mundane data, I can forecast with some degree of certainty the status of the economy ...

Topics: Market Research, Economics, Real Estate Development, CM/Development Services

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Delay Claims: Time is Money (But Not Always)

The old adage that “Time is Money” has never been more true than as it relates to the development and construction of revenue producing properties. Between the Owner’s debt service expense on multi-million-dollar loans, lost revenue and the Contractor’s ...

Topics: Construction Delay Claims, Construction Claims, Construction Forensics, Ted Bumgardner

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