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Our esteemed economist and director of market research, Alan Nevin, is proud to announce that his latest published work, The Great Divide, is now available on Amazon.

The book, two years in the making, forecasts the demographic and economic future of the United States and other industrialized nation, and how they will lead the way to prosperity over the next quarter century as a result of their creativity, youthful population and capitalistic bent. 

“I believe you will find it to be an interesting read because it blends demographics and economics and, of course, real estate,” said Nevin. “The overall theme of the book is that demographics make the industrialized world go around. The Great Divide covers a lot of ground, but it does provide a rather clear picture of the where the world, including the US., is going.”

Kirkus Reviews noted “The author demonstrates a comprehensive knowledge of the major economic data categories from median workforce age to housing prices to cross-industry metrics. The conclusions he draws about other countries’ economic viability are often sweeping and unconventional.”

Xpera’s marketing coordinator, Justin Cox, designed the cover and numerous easy-to-digest exhibits, photos and graphics featured in the book.

The Great Divide is available in both printed and Kindle editions at

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