Featured Building Envelope Project: The Pendry Hotel

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When the new 317-room Pendry Hotel opens in downtown San Diego this fall, its owner, The Robert Green Company, can be confident that its building envelope system is ready for the elements.

“Our Building Envelope Group was brought on board very early in the project,” said Steve Grimes. “The owner recognizes the importance of getting the countless details right up front, rather than at the end of construction, when problems are magnified and far more complicated and costly to fix.”

Xpera has earned a strong reputation as waterproofing consultants over the years, as evidenced in a number of high-profile projects throughout the region. In the case of The Pendry, our team was able to bring this critical skill set to the table to assist the owners in the plan review stage, as well as during construction, to ensure all waterproofing issues are vetted and resolved in a timely and effective manner.

We provided support and evaluation of the EIFS system, which had been specified as a moisture drainage system, but which drove the cost up on the exterior system by $400,000 over the original budget. Under the skilled leadership of Director of Field Services Steve Easton, we evaluated the building profile and design and were able to find a modified system with additional barriers that would assist in the performance of the system, and provide a significant cost savings over the original moisture drainage system.

We also performed inspections and evaluations throughout the project, from design to installation, including the EIFS panels, plaster with brick veneer system, and curtain wall and punched window systems.

“The client trusted us to protect their interests in this project from the very beginning,” added Grimes. “Our ongoing efforts are helping to achieve the owner’s overall goal of a beautiful and high-performing building.”

Project Rendering Credit: Aubrey, Cook, McGill Architects

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