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The Time Has Come to Reconfigure Regional Shopping Centers

Once upon a time, regional shopping centers were king. They were the destination for everyone’s shopping. They had a real purpose.

Topics: Economics, Real Estate Development, Alan Nevin, San Diego, Market Research, Real Estate Asset Management

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New Short-Term Rental Regulations: Will Comic-Con Stay?

October 22 Update: Since writing this article, the City council today has decided to rescind the short-term rental regulations with a vote 8-1. 

Last year, HomeAway, the vacation rentals brand owned ...

Topics: Economics, Real Estate Development, Alan Nevin, Rental Property, Residential, real estate advisory

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2018 Mid-Year Economic Update

I have been accused of reading tea leaves to assist in my forecasting prognostications. Fortunately, the state of the economy is such that by simply using the government’s most mundane data, I can forecast with some degree of certainty the status of the economy ...

Topics: Economics, Real Estate Development, CM/Development Services, Market Research

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What’s a School District Worth? An Economic Perspective

Several years ago, we did an analysis to predict which zip codes would have the fastest return to pre-recession levels for single-family homes. That analysis looked at all 90 zip codes in San Diego County. The results indicated that the higher the SATs for the ...

Topics: Economics, Real Estate Development, Alan Nevin, San Diego

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The Economic Fallout of the Santa Rosa Wildfires

Over the years, Xpera Group has been involved in a consulting capacity in numerous wildfires throughout California, with our most prominent engagement involving the 2007 fires in Southern ...

Topics: Real Estate Development, Claims, Cost of Repair, Alan Nevin, Cost Estimating, Custom Homes, Residential, Property Loss, Economic Damages / Loss of Value, Custom Home Construction, Reconstruction, Residential Construction

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Downtown San Diego Construction: Action Central

Over the past few years, Xpera Group has become increasingly active in downtown San Diego construction.

Topics: Economics, Real Estate Development, Real Estate Developer, Alan Nevin, San Diego, Market Research

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Can a President Make a Difference in the Economy?

In the eyes of this economist, the last president to make a significant impact on the economy was President Carter. He ignored his economists’ advice and allowed inflation and interest rates to soar, resulting in a three-year recession that almost destroyed the ...

Topics: Economics, Real Estate Development, Alan Nevin, Market Research, Market, California

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Immigration and Babies: The Driving Forces Behind the American Economy

As most of my students and audiences have learned over the years, for an industrialized nation to prosper, it is necessary to have two children born for every mom and dad. If that birth rate falters, the economy of the nation cannot grow and prosper on a long-term ...

Topics: Economics, Real Estate Development, Alan Nevin, Market Research, Trends, Publications

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Excerpt from The Great Divide by Alan Nevin:

Without data you’re just another person with an opinion.
W. Edwards Deming

The Great Divide is a book about America and tomorrow. It is a compelling ...

Topics: Economics, Real Estate Development, Market Research

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California 2016: A Year of Yawn

A year of yawn is not a bad thing. As a matter of fact, it’s a very good thing, at least for California. Our state had an excellent year in 2015, adding 400,000-plus new jobs and over 350,000 in population. Personally, I’d be happy to see a repeat of this in ...

Topics: Economics, Alan Nevin

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