About Xpera Group: Core Values

The Values Xpera Group is Built On


Change is the only constant in this business. But that’s also what keeps it interesting.

Since our founding in 2009, Xpera Group has continuously evolved, expanding our breadth of services, team of experts and geographic reach in order to better serve the changing needs of our clients. We’re always looking ahead and planning accordingly so we’re ready to provide the right people, the right know-how at the right time to help our client partners achieve success.

But, through it all, our commitment to our four core values have remained steadfast. Everything we do is driven by these four pillars that define who we are and who we will always be. They connect us to our clients and to each other as a team. They exemplify the Xpera difference.

Xpera's Core Values - Service, Integrity, Empathy, Improvement


Xpera Group is a service business. We exist to serve the attorneys, insurance companies, property owners and contractors who need professional technical expertise. We serve the independent consultant with complete support services in order to make them more effective and productive. Last minute requests are met with positive energy and a “can do” attitude. We strive to respond promptly to any request and we are flexible and dynamic in our approach to problem-solving.


At Xpera Group, integrity means truthfulness, honesty and a culture of doing what we say we will do. Our word and our commitment to you mean something to us. In fact, they mean everything. We believe in what we do and say, so you can always believe in us.


One of the most valuable skills one can have in the technical service business is the ability to truly see from the perspective of others. When technical experts are armed with this critical ability to see beyond the basic facts at hand, they are able to more effectively communicate and apply the best technical solution. It is what separates the good from the great.


At Xpera Group, good enough never is. We constantly strive to be better. We are always working to improve our services, our systems, our approaches, our people, our procedures, and everything we do.

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