Construction Forensics

Construction Forensics

Comprehensive Construction Forensics & Litigation Support Services for Legal and Insurance Professionals, as well as other Experts

Construction Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Comprehensive Quality Assurance Services for Architects, Commercial Contractors, Homebuilders and Project Managers

Real Estate Development Services

Real Estate / Development Services

Real Estate Asset Consulting and Development Services for Owners, Portfolio Managers, and Construction Lenders

Read California Economic Forecast 2019

Read California's Economic Forecast 2019!

Xpera's real estate economist, Alan Nevin, released his 2019 economic forecast for California. The report includes demographic insights, what trends are driving construction cost and how California's housing market will likely perform this year. Get your free copy of the outlook report!



Densification, Parking and Future Planning in San Diego


Densification, Parking and Future Planning in San Diego

San Diego isn’t Manhattan or San Francisco and never will be. But, it can be built out with higher-density building product that will accommodate ... Read More

Architect Kirk O’Brien Returns to Xpera Group
Standard of Care: What Would a Reasonably Prudent Construction Manager Have Done?


Standard of Care: What Would a Reasonably Prudent Construction Manager Have Done?

At the core of most construction-related lawsuits is the plaintiff’s burden to establish the failure of the defendant to exercise reasonable care, ... Read More


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Our Newest Construction Experts
Ralph Velasquez
Ralph Velasquez

Professional Experience:

Ralph Velasquez brings over 25 years of experience in commercial ... Read More

R. Timothy Ireland
R. Timothy Ireland

Professional Experience:

With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, Tim Ireland ... Read More

Mike Roblee
Mike Roblee

Professional Experience:

Since 1990, Mike Roblee has been deeply involved in the construction of ... Read More

A Myriad of Construction Consulting Firms in California - Why Xpera?


Construction consulting services delivered by West Coast experts who are active in their fields

Xpera Group brings together the most comprehensive team of construction and real estate experts on the West Coast. Active in their specialty fields for decades, our team of experts bring you lifetimes of combined on-field experience to help you reach goals and resolve issues.

Even though we are headquartered in San Diego, CA, the majority of our experts hold licenses throughout the western United States - Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington and more. If you have a project that lies beyond West Coast, we may be able to help you, depending on the expertise you need and the expert you choose. Feel free to contact us to inquire and we will do our best to connect you to the right professional.

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Custom Solutions Powered By Holistic Expertise

Xpera Group is uniquely qualified to develop solutions that fit your exact needs, because:

  • Our team has over 50 experts from virtually every specialty surrounding buildings.
  • Our expert witnesses and construction consultants have often been trailblazers of construction technology.
  • We have in-depth experience handling unique regional factors and challenges for California and the Western U.S.
  • Our broad forensic background empowers us to develop best practices in construction quality assurance, real estate development, and inspecting existing buildings.

Simply, we know all that can go wrong and we have developed ways to avoid it. If you are looking among construction consulting companies to find the one that will connect the dots where others can’t, reach out to Xpera Group.  

Service, Integrity, Empathy And Improvement

These four values represent the core of Xpera Group identity and difference. These values show who we are and always will be, as a team and as service provider.

Service – We are here to serve you with world-class professional expertise, a “can do” attitude and positive energy, so that objectives are achieved and deadlines met.

Integrity – We place a paramount importance on your trust in our word and commitment to you. That is why we nurture a business culture of doing what we promised, always.

Empathy – The skill to see the matter from other points of view is critical for success in a technical service business. It is what distinguishes top construction consulting firms in California, including Xpera Group.

Improvement – Change is a constant it this line of work and we love it. Change keeps us poised for growth through challenges. Xpera Group team member experts are not only active construction and real estate specialists, but they are also at the forefront of their fields.

Rise up to challenges and achieve construction success with Xpera Group! 

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