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At Xpera Group, one of our core values is improvement, because good enough never is. This applies to our people and systems, as well as our approach to advising our construction clients. In an industry that has been plagued by post-construction defect litigation for years, and with a push toward tighter building standards, greener building codes and a more informed consumer base, the concept of “building it like we’ve always built it” is a failed paradigm. Builders that fail to continuously learn and improve are destined to revisit the costly failures of the past – and many will not survive.

In short, in today's competitive market quality equals currency. A robust quality assurance strategy is absolutely critical to a project’s success.

XPERA provides highly qualified third-party plan review and quality assurance services to the construction industry. Our team of QA specialists has decades of experience in forensic investigation and failure analysis on hundreds of residential and commercial projects. This extensive real-world construction experience is combined with a proprietary, state-of-the-art documentation and tracking system to form the foundation for the best quality assurance service available.

Xpera QA InSpec

Our services, which have been vetted and approved by major insurance carriers and preferred by major developers, include:

  • Plan review and constructability analysis
  • Site inspections covering installation of all building systems using XPERA’s fully automated program
  • Thorough photo documentation of the work with full descriptions of locations and conditions observed
  • Immediate electronic reports to superintendents and managers following inspections, with weekly progress reports
  • Online tracking of action items and photo documentation of resolutions/repairs
  • An interactive CD containing a database of all photographs and documentation upon project completion
Quality is a process, not a destination. Let our experts guide you through it to achieve project success.

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