Service: Economic & Market Research

Market Research That Goes Beyond The Numbers


In today’s world, gathering the statistical data for a market research report is the easy part. Achieving a deeper understanding of the various market forces at play on a specific project requires a more sophisticated approach.

Xpera Group’s market research division is led by Alan Nevin, one of the West Coast’s leading real estate economists. With decades of proven experience in both economics and real estate development, he specializes in producing market strategy studies, which represents a major departure from traditional market research reports.

What is the distinction? Most market research reports include a multitude of pages filled with statistics on the economy and market, followed by brief conclusions and a summary of project recommendations. What is inevitably missing is the most critical element–the strategy and analysis that connect the statistics to the recommendations. That’s where we shine.

Having performed over 1,000 market studies across the United States and as a former chief economist for the California Building Industry Association, Nevin is uniquely positioned to to help ensure your project has the best strategy for success.


Economic & Market Research Studies
  • Feasibility Studies for residential and commercial development
  • Economic Overviews,  Forecasting and Trending – Major Metropolitan Areas
  • Residential and commercial property valuations
  • Fiscal impact reports
  • Public sector redevelopment area strategies for growth and repositioning 

Litigation Support

  • Expert Witness – Deposition and Trial Testimony for: Valuation, Damages, Proper Professional Practices and Industry Standards
  • Supporting Research & Analysis – Assist Attorneys in Case Strategies, Asset Valuation, Calculated Damages, Financial Feasibility and Proforma Analysis, Market Trends and Conditions
  • Mediation – Negotiate Settlements on Real Property Disputes, Negotiate Settlements for Damages and Loss of Value

Real Estate Advisory

  • Succession planning for families and businesses
  • Developing strategies on real estate holdings to meet changing goals
  • Dissolution of marital assets and allocation of holdings
  • Analysis of portfolios and strategies for the future
  • Valuation of investments, properties in development and limited partnership interests


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