One thing is certain in construction: things will change. In a dynamic business with countless moving pieces, disparate interests and the potential for budget-busting surprises around every corner, it is critical to do business with the right people to ensure the best outcome.

Our approach to construction management provides property owners with a true advocate to look out for their interest in the complex process of design, entitlement, permitting and construction. From the owner’s perspective, it often seems like the project participants are all looking out for their own interests over the interests of the owner. We focus on understanding the owner’s objectives first, and then apply our decades of experience in the management of complex construction projects to develop the best project delivery and contracting strategy to achieve those objectives.

From assembling the best design team to managing the entitlement and permitting process, construction contract administration, project close-out and commissioning to move-in, we put the owner’s objectives first and lead the project team to a successful outcome.

At XPERA Group, we like to think of construction as an orchestra. We work with owners to assemble and conduct a diverse group of talents to create a project team that is harmonious, productive and successful. Regardless of whether or not the individual players have worked together before, each project is a unique collaboration with its own opportunities and challenges.

By providing a source of unbiased information, professional guidance and superlative communication, XPERA’s team of construction management experts keeps the owner in a position of strength throughout the entire process in order to achieve ultimate project success.



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