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Xpera Group provides a comprehensive range of services covering virtually every facet through every stage of the built environment. Below is an overview of some of our service offerings:

Expert Witness and Litigation Support Construction Forensics

As California’s most comprehensive group of construction consultants, Xpera Group is uniquely positioned as a one-stop-shop for the region’s top forensic experts and technical specialists. Whether a case requires one specialized expert or a coordinated team of highly qualified experts, we deliver construction forensics solutions customized for the unique needs and challenges of each client.


Construction Claim Management and Project Troubleshooting Construction Forensics

Construction can be a complicated and risky business. Delays, cost over-runs, failures or injuries can have a devastating impact on a project. When the stakes are high – and when are they not? – Experience is the key to a successful resolution.


Construction Management CM / Development Services

One thing is certain in construction: things will change. In a dynamic business with countless moving pieces, disparate interests and the potential for budget-busting surprises around every corner, it is critical to do business with the right people to ensure the best outcome. Our approach to construction management provides property owners with a true advocate to look out for their interest in the complex process of design, entitlement, permitting and construction.


QA Third Party Peer Review Quality Assurance

Xpera Group provides highly qualified third-party plan review and quality assurance services to the construction industry. Our team of QA specialists have decades of experience in forensic investigation and failure analysis on hundreds of residential and commercial projects. This extensive real-world construction experience is combined with a proprietary, state-of-the-art documentation and tracking system to form the foundation for the best quality assurance service available.


Building Envelope Consulting Quality Assurance

Our team of highly qualified building envelope specialists have decades of hands- on building experience, combined with invaluable insights gained from hundreds of forensic building failure analyses. This proven specialized expertise allows us to identify and solve potential water intrusion problems throughout the design and construction process, providing extra assurance that the building will stand the test of time. And the elements.


Title 24 and HERS Inspections Quality Assurance

As California and other states improve their building codes, Xpera Group helps builders of residential construction projects with HERS Inspections and Title 24 sub-section 6 compliance.


Economic & Market Research Construction Forensics CM / Development Services

Our highly experienced team of consultants have a proven track record in a wide range of real estate related matters, including: residential and commercial development; real estate investments; apartments, condominiums and condominium conversions; master-planned communities; retail properties; hotels; foreclosures; project processing, design and entitlements; mortgage lending; and banking.


Entitlement & Development Support CM / Development Services

Transforming a property into a potential opportunity can be an expensive minefield for both professionals and the uninitiated. Xpera Group professionals have your back with decades of in depth knowledge and experience to make the process smooth, and give you the confidence that the numbers penciled out and all checkmarks are checked.


Building System Commissioning Quality Assurance CM / Development Services

Xpera Group's Building Systems Commissioning team works closely together throughout the construction process, assuring that the design meets the owner's requirements, systems are installed correctly and their performance meets the design intent.


Cost Estimating Construction Forensics CM / Development Services

By bringing a holistic view in how much it costs to construct a building or perform a repair, Xpera does more than analyze every inch of material and hour of work, the team looks how it comes together and how choices affect the final figure.


Sustainability Consulting Quality Assurance CM / Development Services

Sustainability is no longer a choice, but in many cases, the new standard. That’s why Xpera Group has assembled a diverse team of sustainability professionals, expertly-versed in the best and latest advances in green building and design, in order to help owner’s achieve their sustainability goals, including optimizing building performance, reducing operating costs and enhancing occupant health and comfort.


Property Condition Assessment CM / Development Services

Skills and experience gained from involvement over hundreds of construction defect cases allow Xpera Group’s team of field investigators to accurately and efficiently uncover building performance issues in constructed buildings.


Custom Home Quality Management Quality Assurance

Building a dream home often means pushing boundaries of construction. Pioneering this new territory comes with plenty of potential risks and it takes special expertise to keep the project problem-free for years to come. Xpera’s team has decades of experience working on some of the most prestigious and complex home projects across the United States, helping ensure that every home reaches its full potential and the owner’s vision becomes an expertly-built reality.


Walkway Auditing - Slip & Fall Prevention Construction Forensics CM / Development Services

Did you know that slips and falls are the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims and are the leading cause of occupational injury for people aged 15-24 years? Walkway auditing reduces the possibility of slip, trip and fall claims which can prevent liabilities and may even reduce insurance premiums.


Balcony Assurance Quality Assurance

Xpera's Balcony Assurance utilizes our cutting-edge non-destructive testing technology, combined with our proprietary InSpec building inspection methodology, to provide a far more cost-effective approach to ensuring the structural integrity and safety of balconies.


Site Inspections & Testing Construction Forensics

When a building needs inspections to gather evidence for a construction defect case or diagnose the root issues, Xpera connects you to the construction professionals needed for the job. 


Repositioning CM / Development Services

Improving an investment property is a delicate balance. Xpera's Repositiong team is able to provide a robust rennovation program that goes beyond remodeling and helps the client's property reach their full potential income as well as lower their existing costs.  


Damage Assessment and Property Loss Evaluation Construction Forensics

Xpera Group’s experts have been involved in some of the largest and most complicated property loss cases in the Western United States. Whether the loss is a result of natural causes, accident or negligence, our specialists are armed with extensive real-world industry experience in order to deliver property loss evaluations that can save companies significant time and money on re-building.




The above services, while extensive on its own, doesn't capture everything that our construction professionals can perform. If you have a specific matter that you aren't sure which service it falls under, please contact us and we can help find how we can serve your needs.

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