• Construction Forensics, Risk Management, Owner Representation and Development Services
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    Xpera Group Launches Real Estate Repositioning Division: Xpera RE

    Bringing together a diverse team of professionals, Xpera RE helps clients to understand the opportunities that exist in the marketplace for their particular property, recommends a course of action, and will even oversee the renovation process. 

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    Professional technical expertise for attorneys, insurance companies, property owners, developers, contractors and others in the industry.

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    Xpera Group Provides Complete Support Services

    Highly experienced construction experts and technical specialists for your specific needs.

  • Xpera Continues to Grow

    Xpera Group Continues To Grow

    Since 2009 XPERA Group has connected over 50 highly experienced construction experts to more than 250 client companies on over 1500 assignments.


Xpera Group is California’s most comprehensive group of construction consultants, real estate advisors, and forensic experts.

We serve attorneys, insurance companies, developers, property owners, lenders and contractors who need professional technical expertise. We also serve independent consultants with complete support services.

Since our founding in 2009, Xpera Group is proud to have brought together the largest and most diverse group of construction and real estate experts in the region, with approximately 50 experts in virtually all construction technical disciplines to serve a wide range of client needs.

Quite simply, we are construction industry problem-solvers and your partner for construction success.

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Awards & Recognition:

Xpera Group is honored to have been awarded the 2015 Zweig Group Hot List award, and was one of San Diego's fastest 100 growing companies two years in a row

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